Land O' Lakes "The Farmer" (2016) 2:30 (USA)

tl;dr: Land O' Lakes makes Farming Great Again.

Since 1921, Land O’Lakes, has been a farmer-owned co-op. This rousing spot features a bunch of romantic farmery stuff set to a dramatic mostly piano-led soundtrack. And, because there really are no copywriters left in advertising, the voice over is a poem-The Farmer, by Amelia E. Barr. Since we will soon be entering the early days of the Trump administration, this might resonate with a population fed up with being told how everything it does has an -ism attached. At the same time I can't quite shake the feeling that as an ad, it's a chest-beating throwback.
It's really nice if you want to celebrate your industry but what do I, the consumer get out of it? Take away the found poetry and the sheen and what do you have but people being celebrated for doing their job. As a recruitment for farmers it works a lot better than an ad for Land O Lakes. It tells me everything about the how the people who make the product see themselves, but nothing about the product itself.

Client: Land O Lakes
Agency: The Martin Agency

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I can not stand voice overs like this. The raspy pompousness.

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This poem is absolutely true without farmers the world would be really messed up. America started with farming and now has changed drastically, more people need to be involved or need to know what knid of work goes into farming. Love this video.