Land Rover presents: The Vanishing Game

International best selling author William Boyd spins an 8 part tale for Land Rover called The Vanishing Game . More than just an audio book, The Vanishing Game is a multimedia experience that allows interaction on a variety of sensory levels including video, cinemagraphs, photography, animation, voice-over narration and a musical soundtrack

The story itself is about 35-year-old Alec Dunbar, an out of work British actor with a bad luck streak. He's totaled his car. He's been burglarized. But then he's offered a chance to earn £1,000 in 24 hours, just to deliver a package from London to a small town in Scotland. Here's where the Land Rover comes in, along with intrigue and danger.

As branded content it's quite engaging and entertaining although I'm not sure it makes me want to buy a Land Rover. At least the product interaction doesn't feel forced.

Client: Land Rover USA
Author: William Boyd
Agency: Y&R New York
CCO: Jim Elliott
Creatives: Marc Sobier, Greg Farley, Carlos Savage
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs
Exec Producer: Craig Jelniker
Digital Producer: Amy Chuang
Business Affairs: Nadette Aslnaian
Live Action and Digital Production Company: Tool
Director: Alec Helm
Executive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Music & Sound Design: Plan8
Post Production Company: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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