Larger than life "viral" spots - turns out to be a competition

Now that Bob Barrie - former Art Director at Fallon - is seen showing a cameraman who's boss, we finally have an explanation for those strange virals where Jeff Kling caresses his pencil.

Turns out it's all a competition, it's touting the "Larger Than Life cinema advertising contest" where ad creatives have the opportunity to submit an original 60 second cinema advertising spot, and have their work shot by RSA and run on National CineMedia's theatre network in AMC, Cinemark and Regal Entertainment Group Theatres nationwide.
By nationwide we mean "The United States" and by creatives we mean anyone over 18 residing in the United states who are are employed at a media, advertising or
creative agency. Everyone else can say a collective "meh" now. ;)

See print call for entries inside.

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