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Lastminute.com tries to excite travelers with cleavage

In one of those "really sad ad" departments lastminute.com is trying to be funny ha-ha with a viral game that had some success due to it's silly content. Yesterday lastminute premiered the press and posters that go with it.

The viral game is at Bikini Bounce where the object is to, well bounce.. Do'h!

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kamari's picture

.........Will they provide the breasts?

AnonymousCoward's picture

Does this not seem like something from the Austin Powers era? Will sexism always sell?

Will their next ad feature a close-up of a man in a Speedo? I doubt it.

Dabitch's picture

If I'm not mis-remembering the last time a UK ad featured a man in a speedo it was banned for being "offensive". Boobies are less so apparently. Should we laugh or cry?

deeped's picture

I do not get offended by boobs. ;)

Imanaddy's picture

Boobs offend me on a daily basis, the morons.

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