Lawn Doctor "Tanning" (2016) :30 (USA)

Hey there, homeowner. Don't be embarrassed about your ugly lawn. Call the Lawn Doctor and fix it.

Client: Lawn Doctor
Agency: Sleek Machine
CCO/Writer: Tim Cawley
Copywriter: Melissa Stefanini
Senior Writer: Jess Marois
Art Director/Additional Edit: Alan Duda
Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette
Editor: Dave Shaw
Director/DP: Sunny Zhao
Production Company: Dreams Factory
Talent/Composer (Yard Armor): Eric Schwartz
Music: Andy Pinkhan/Mortal Music
Cinematography, Edit and Color Copy (Yard Armor): Nick Agri
Retouching (Yard Armor): Ivan Sokol @ ArtStation

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