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Lehning homeopathic wants you to free yourself from sickness

French Laboratoires Lehning product, Cocculus 73 is the solution to this visual featuring nasty ailments that have a grip on you.

Client: Lehning
Agency: Havas 360
Executive Creative Director : Thomas Derouault
Creative Director : Alban Pénicaut
Copywriter : Edouard Dorbais
Art Director : Rémi Arnaud
Illustrator : Florent Nguyen
Co-CEO : Vincent Mayet
Deputy General Manager: David Mingeon
Account Director : Ophélie Dumay
Consultant: Pauline Arguillère

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Amedeo Avogadro's picture

Much as I love vintage scientific imagery - motion sickness does not originate in the stomach. Scientifically literate customers will have a laugh (also at the product - which does exactly nothing).

kidsleepy's picture

Agree-- the most scientific part of this is the visual. But wow-- part of me wishes I was still teaching portfolio school so I could assign this. "Okay kids-- come up with a way to sell a product that does absolutely nothing." Hell it's not really that much different from Coke or Pepsi selling Dasani and Aquafina when you think about it....

Dabitch's picture

I like the visual treatment, extending the inked calligraphy style to the line "free yourself" is a nice touch. The illustration itself is pretty nice too, sort of like a cross between ink & etching. For anyone who experiences seasickness and travel sickness (me! Hello!) the visual representation of a sea in your stomach is quite apt, because that's what it feels like.