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Lena Dunham wants to remove guns from film billboards

"Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling & get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns." (archive) said producer Tami Sagher, a.k.a. Tulipbone on Instagram, and Lena Dunham shared it with the caption “Good idea @tulipbone! Let's go!”

Now, the Jason Bourne films are about secret agents and have a lot of guns & violence in them. When Matt Damon isn't busy making millions via that franchise he's calling for an immediate gun ban in the United States, so I'm sure he agrees with Lena & Tami here.

Problem is, ripping the gun away from the movie promotional poster isn't quite the same as banning guns from civilian use, in fact it's not the same at all. And ripping down posters is plain vandalism, lets not encourage minor riots like the one that happened in Stockholm last year due to the political poster depicting a homeless person sleeping on the street.

At least we know that people still notice outdoor advertising, rejoice.

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Since I don't track who is in what project doing TV comedy I had to look up Sagher and Dunham. No surprise they are a team that works on shows everyone except me watches. That answered my question on how this got more ink. So, Sagher gets free advertising and as a bonus the maker of the latest Bourne movie looks like schmuck for posters that are in bad taste considering recent gunshot deaths.

It's always the actors who think they are the voice of change to another persons culture. Lets see if Australia (very big island) would like to share borders with several countries without armed citizens. Just a thought Mr. Damon.

I'm not saying actors are bubble brained asshats, some are. When an actor comments on a topic it's their opinion. Advertising loves this as it has the result shown above.

Inciting riot not intended or was it Stockholm Subway? (note: I didn't know it is 100% government run. That has to be advertising nightmare.)

Opinion Alert: Only a fool rejects firearm control laws. The problem with the "Lone Gunman" shootings is that it is impossible to stop without taking all rights away from all people. History tells what happens after that.