Lenny Kravitz Pushes Drugs in Rich Media?

Caffeinegoddess showed us all the new Absolut Kravitz campaign here earlier - and now adotas notes that Lenny Kravits pushes drugs... (in rich media). Check out their screendump.

It so looks like he's holding a syringe there doesn't it? Crap happens when banners overlay banner, upon banners..... Why would anyone want their ads to be presented like that?

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Just one comment. This site asks you to verify your age, so why people talk about drugs for KIDS? When your kid should NOT pass age verification :)

Dabitch's picture

Did I miss something? adotas doesn't mention where the two ads ran in such an unfortunatle overlap. So what site asks you to verify your age? The Absolut site? That's not the one we're showing here.

James_Trickery's picture

I thonk kovar assumed that this was on the Absolut website. For a moment there I thought the same thing.

James_Trickery's picture

I do not "thonk" I "think." I think.

AnonymousCoward's picture

My bad, got the whole post wrong way...

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Ah, OK. Everybody needs more coffee! (Judging by Bernbucks spelling mistakes below.)