Levis copies Levis uk?

Two films use the same post trick, to explain "twisted to fit" vs.. well.. what exactly? Flyweight? Lightweight jeans? The alleged copy-catter is the by now infamous TBWA/Chait/day San fran who seem to be getting in the habit...

Eyes glazing over as I add all the superbowl commercials, I couldn't help noticing the twist in the Levis spot here...


I wasn't alone in this... Quoting Jim Hanas the editor of Getcreativity email alerts, archived here at getcreativity: "The best execution in the game came from lame-duck agency TBWA/Chiat/Day/San Francisco. This Spike Jonze-directed Levi's spot is among the best the shop has done for the brand, although it won't be doing any more. Ironically, the floppy-limbed effects are a little reminiscent of "Twist," a U.K. Levi's ad from BBH, Levi's new U.S. agency, that did well at Cannes last year. Expect this spot to do the same." Well here's the Levis uk, spot. Mentioned here earlier as it also ran with a annoying "behind the scenes" of how they did it advert at the movies.


I do not expect this spot to do well In Cannes this year. Maybe Jim is right and it will, But I hope the judges are a little bit better than that. (call me naive) Awarding work that is so obviously inspired by other work is not fruitful for the business overall. Also, the "twisted to fit" is telling you exactly that, while the the "flyweight" twists a guy around because his pants are.. what? Lightweight? See the difference? It could of course be a complete coincidence! Why should we expect an agency of a brand know what other things this brand may have done previously or has done successfully in other countries (the twisted campaign was even written up in the Guardian as one of the most successful British campaigns as of late.) It's not like a larger agency keeps track of what their brands do worldwide. (sarcasm, dear) At least the ad buyers might have been aware of the "twisted" campaign. And we can't really expect an agency to keep track of all them awards either now can we? Though, the cannes lions one specifically is usually the bible for creatives everywhere... yeah.. could be a fluke.. Could be that some people see these as completely different ideas. Actually, I'm curious to know what you guys think. Go on, push that comment button....

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i dont think levis copies levis uk ebcox they r the same comapny aren't they? in fact i really like the one from levis beocox it is very crazy and funny (^_^) isnt there a longer vsion of it???? i hope i can watch this on TV! he he~

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same brand yes - completly unrelated advertising agencies have made (and charged big money) for these very very similar ideas. Thats where the shoe hurts.