Lexus ES 350 - Desire (2006) :30 (USA)


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It's very rare that I'm totally sucked in by an ad, but this spot got me to go test drive the car and actually consider buying it. I think it was the music.

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Although come to think of it, I was also sucked in by the first Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries ad.

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Ever eat cheerios and drink v8 for breakfast?

*edit - fixed link.

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That link is dead when I click on it, so I'm answering blind, but no, I've never had cheerios and V8 for breakfast. Although I like both of them.

**Ok, now that I've seen it, I still haven't ever had cheerios (or frosty-o's) together with V-8 for breakfast. I might have if I could have sent away for a cool moon rocket though. Then again, I only turned two in October of '58, so I'm not sure I was up to speed on moon rockets.

That ad reminded me that I also fell for another cereal ad in the 60s. Alpha-bits included miniature (metal embossed) license plates for all 50 States, and I badgered my parents and grandparents to keep buying Alpha-bits until I managed to collect all 50. I made my poor sister eat cereal night and day so we could finish the boxes, and I traded with my friends. The only one of those plates I still have is the one from Delaware, which strangely enough isn't embossed because the real Delaware plates weren't embossed.