Lexus - Will.I.Am Laser Street stave driving spectacular - (2015)

I have no idea why Lexus decided to turn a disused runway 99 kilometres away from Madrid into what appears to be a real life driving version of Guitar Hero, but that's what they did. I'm not grasping exactly how it works, but the release tells me that the "runway is lined with more than 350 projected mapped motion and audio sensitive lasers and lights" and "the front-man battles against speed and rhythm to conduct and navigate a trio of striking Lexus NXs’, hitting the laser ‘targets’ at the correct tempo to synchronise with his smash hit."

This was actually a live event, and it was shot in one night last week.'s skills are put to the test as he joins three stunt drivers including 2013 Blockbuster, Rush frontman, Niki Faulkner, to take on the colossal ‘sound-road’, race against rhythm and successfully complete the challenge in the limited hours of darkness available before the sun rises.

Once again, I don't quite get how how the stave game works but it sure looks pretty cool.

Client: Lexus Europe

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