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Lidl TrolleyCam 'The O'Connors' Chemistry (2017) (Ireland)

Goodness, the number of things you learn about people by watching what - and how - they shop. The O'Connors mum has given up coffee and meat, but apparently not that her sons will find themselves a girl and perhaps get married at some point judging by her pointing out the "family pack size" of condoms available. Both sons gracefully bow out of that particular conversation and seek out twenty other ways to make potato instead because a man can not live on rice alone. Because rice doesn't go with everything. Wise words, son.

The idea to just film ordinary people doing ordinary things came from the observation that reality TV is currently extremely popular in Ireland. Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ken Wardrop, brings his natural flair for capturing relaxed and relatable interactions to an ordinary supermarket trolley in this series created by ad agency Chemisty.

“TrolleyCam’s charm lies in its honest and effortlessly enjoyable insight into an activity that affects us all,” explains Sinead Cosgrove, Planning Director at Chemistry. “We see the fascinating and varying dynamics; from a mother fending off her children’s pleas for fast food to a couple expecting a baby stocking up on supplies – many of whom are pleasantly surprised at how little their full shop cost at Lidl.”

Robert Boyle, Deputy Creative Director of Chemistry, comments: “We worked in close conjunction with Antidote’s Brian Raftery and director Ken Wardrop – a huge talent and a pleasure to work with. The casting involved an extensive six-week process and covered over 450 people, with a strong focus on the needs of the project and the desire for diversity.”

The TrolleyCam also offers a way to show how much Lidl's offerings have changed. As the pregnant lady in another TrolleyCam ad notices, they even have robot vacuums.

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Agency: Chemistry
Client Service: Dee Gunning, Audrey Farrelly, Emma Spicer
Planning Director: Sinead Cosgrove
Agency Producer: Fiona McGarry
Executive Creative Director: Mike Garner
Deputy Creative Director: Robert Boyle
Copywriter: Donal O’ Higgins
Digital Strategy: Lynsey Paisley
Production Company: Antidote
Director: Ken Wardrop
Executive Producer: Andrew Freedman
Production Coordinator: Paula Stewart
Lead Researcher: Brian Raftery
Cinematographer: Roman Bugovskiy
Cinematographer: JJ Rolfe
Production Design: Joe Fallover
Post Production: Windmill Lane Studios
Editor: John O’Connor
Assistant Editor: Mark Pigott
Colourist: Matt Branton
Flame Artist: Ian Jacobs
Graphics: Shayne Murphy

Original, composed by John Hardy "Full Shop"
Copyright Title: “Hey Soul Sister”
Writers: Monahan/Bjoerklund/Lind
Rearranged by Sponge Music
Voiceover: Bob Kelly
Recording Studio: Number 4 Studios, Dublin
Sound Engineer: Mark Henry

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Eithne Lalor's picture

I find Lidl's "O'Connors" advertisement offensive: I strongly object toswearing and the trendy, vulgar way the "mother" loudly announces that she is picking up "a family pack of condoms". Up to now, I thought Lidl and Aldi's ads were amusing but this is overstepping the mark. I have also written to Lidl

Emily 's picture

Eithne, Are you serious? They are my favourite ad for Lidl. You need to look into yourself and find out why you are so uptight that an innocent ad like this upsets you so much . Lidl is spot on with these ads especially the O'Connors.