Link Lust: Must be the season of Dabitch

Must see admen movie: Mad Men, ah Madison Ave back in the days when men wore suits with hats and you could pat your secretary on the bum for boosting ones own morale. No wait you can still do that, OK, back when cigar-smoking was still PC at agencies.. no wait..argh never mind, it's set in the late fifties. And they have cool suits.

Matt from Metafilter speaks about Ads on websites - not seen by members (like here!) and the advantages with that.

"The obvious way to make the most money possible is to plaster your sites in as many ads as your visitors can stand. But if you look at your traffic, chances are you'll lose little by turning ads off completely for your biggest fans."

Image of the week found in Digitas meeting room.

Best viral of the week - Bart De Graaf's old TV channel make a "Big Brother" type of show where three people who need a kidney-donation get chosen after a few shows. The world is horrified, but it turns out it was all a stunt to highlight the need for donors - and very close to home since the channels founder Bart De Graff died five years ago while waiting for a new kidney.

Quote of the week:

But Doug Nanaimo wrote: "That anyone believed that this was real shows how horrible, tasteless and puerile most television programming has become."

Here Bart breaks into a shop after a few tries with a huge brick. It made me laugh out loud, right when he calls the cops "hey, I just threw a brick through a shop window and you aren't coming..." Nice cops too.

... and yaknow what? It freaks me out that I understand what they say in the film. It might be because I've drunk three beers. But really, that's one strange sounding language and I thought I had lost it. But when I'm tipsy, I get it! And they seem to slur everything. Coincidence? I think not!

PS - yes, the search currently sucks, and yes, mommy is trying to fix it. Meanwhile google helps us. Also, I fully expect the Dutch adgrunts to kick my ass now. Het spijt me, pardon, maar ik ...uh.. grap.. grappig.. uh.. See I can't speak it, I need more beer for that.

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That kidney-show stunt might be a new form of advertising: Viral PR?

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