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Linkedin - You're Closer than you think - (2016) :30 (USA)

Linedin will debut their first tv-commercial campaign during the Oscars this Sunday. The ad, which is voiced by Linkedin's CEO Jeff Weiner is inspired by NASA's hunt for a new astronaut and some aspirational advice Jeff's father gave him. He said that Jeff could be anything he wanted if he just set his mind to it. Watching astronauts work in space as we hear this, one might dream a little bigger. The selling point? "Nasa is looking for an astronaut, 3 million LinkedIn members qualify." Who you are connected to will help you find the opportunities, and the space-inspired film will fit in well during Oscar night, where "The Martian" is nominated for seven Oscars.

LinkedIn’s vice president of marketing and communications, Nick Bartle explains that the choice of launching their campaign on Oscar night provides an opportunity to launch Linkedin's story:
"We believe that everyone should pursue the biggest goals imaginable. There are moments when those accomplishments are celebrated, and we believe the Oscars is one of those moments."

Client: Linkedin
Music: Wilco - California Stars

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