Live for brunch? Job available:"Chief Brunch Officer" for Aperol

The most recent ad-prank from Mistress, you know, the Mistress worth sharing, is this series of job board postings on Craigslist offering you a better gig. They're offering "Personal Assistant to Major Celebrity", "Casting: Girls & Guys To Star in Reality Cocktail Series", and "High-End Boutique Salesperson" - to name a few. But there's a twist, each ad offers an even better job instead - "Live for brunch, drink an Aperol Spritz®, look great, and collect a paycheck - it’s a hard job but, hey, someone’s got to do it."

The job search runs through May 31. To apply for the position, applicants must submit a 15-second video on Instagram explaining why they should be named their city’s Chief Brunch Officer using @AperolUSA along with #BrunchForALiving tags. Job qualifications include:
• Insider knowledge of candidate city’s hottest brunch spots
• Almost painfully prolific social media user
• Live in one of Aperol Spritz designated metro areas
• Exceptional standards of style and culture
• A killer sense of humor
• 21 and up

Woo! The more “likes” an applicant has, the more visible the video becomes and the greater the chances of getting the job. Consumers can visit www.aperolbrunchsociety. com to learn more, check out their competition as they submit their videos.

Brunch isn’t just a meal – it’s a lifestyle and its best enjoyed with an Aperol Spritz. Because of this, Aperol created the Aperol Brunch Society. Every society needs its leaders, so Aperol is hiring four Chief Brunch Officers (CBO’s) to “Brunch for a Living.” As the head of each of their local chapters in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles, the Chief Brunch Officers will enjoy amazing brunches with their friends at the hottest spots in their cities all summer long and share the happiness by spreading the word of their signature cocktail, the Aperol Spritz, with an ever-increasing group of interesting people. “Brunch for a Living,” what on earth could be better?

“Brunch is America’s weekend darling and the Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink for this treasured pastime with its low alcohol content and crisp, zesty orange taste. It’s stunning to behold, delicious to drink and as easy to prepare as 3-2-1,” says Kathleen Schuart, Senior Marketing Director, White Spirits, Campari America. “As the Aperol Spritz trend grows quickly in the U.S., we need people we can trust to make sure the Aperol Spritz is being made and enjoyed properly, so we’ve launched the ‘Brunch For A Living’ job search to find the ideal candidates to spread the word about the next great summer cocktail. I think the boring mimosa’s days are numbered.”

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