LiveRiga "Go on a journey with a taxi driver" (2017) 1:15 (Latvia)

This delightfully quirky campaign shows you Riga, Latvia through the eyes of a Wagner-loving cab driver who knows some really interesting spots, including the opera house, a zoo and what looks like an airplane grave yard. In other words, there's lots to see and do in Riga including offbeat stuff. This campaign is super fun, and each short is strange and wonderful and makes me want to book a trip to Riga now.

See the others in the campaign here:

Rebellious trip with the senior
Teachers Directions
Follow the Priest's Path

Advertisied brand: LiveRiga
Agency: DDB Latvia, Latvia
Agency website:
Title: Insider’s Guide to Riga

Creative director: Vairis Strazds
Film director: Jānis Nords
Account director: Didzis Paeglis
Senior account manager: Ance Krūmiņa
Copywriter: Reinis Piziks, Dzina Karklina, Liene Berzina
Designer: Toms Vilītis
Producer: Augustinas Katilius
Production agency:

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