The Looking Glass Foundation campaign : “Not every suicide note looks like a suicide note”

The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders has together with DDB Canada's Vancouver office launched a hard hitting campaign about eating disorders, highlighting the sad fact that 'not every suicide note looks like one'. Small signs add up to reveal that girls are suffering from eating disorders.

The TV commercials are here - click on the images to see them. (Super adgrunts only.)

The print campaign can be viewed here.

The large multi-media campaign being rolled out across British Columbia and Canada today doesn’t hold any punches in its depiction of the disease. The PSAs reveal the horrors of eating disorders, underline the deadly nature of the disease as well as the need for treatment.

The PSAs mark the first campaign by The Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization, whose goal is to develop Canada’s first residential centre in British Columbia for the professional treatment of adolescents with eating disorders.

“There’s a distorted perception about eating disorders. People don’t choose to have them, eating disorders are one the deadliest of all mental illnesses,” says Cindy Dobbe, president and co-founder, The Looking Glass Foundation. “The objective of this campaign is to educate the public and lessen the stigma attached to a very real and life-threatening disease.”

By generating a better level of awareness and understanding about eating disorders, The Looking Glass Foundation hopes to highlight the need for early intervention and treatment facilities in Canada.

“I’ve personally experienced feelings of frustration and helplessness with the lack of accessible care in British Columbia, as my child suffered with an eating disorder. Like many other parents, I found the need to send my child out of country for the treatment she so desperately needed,” says Dobbe.

Inspired by true stories, common symptoms and disturbing behaviours, the PSA campaign takes an impactful approach focusing on the mindset of the sufferer to vividly illustrate the seriousness of this deadly disease.

“To articulate the severity of eating disorders, the campaign’s strategy and tagline profess, “Not every suicide note looks like a suicide note.” Our intention is to illustrate that seemingly innocent signs are actually clues that a loved one may unknowingly be on a path towards self-harm,” says Daryl Gardiner, associate creative director, DDB Canada. “The campaign’s tone reflects both the seriousness of this disease and optimism for those afflicted, and leaves viewers with a positive message of hope.”

Vancouver advertising agency DDB Canada donated its services to develop the campaign for The Looking Glass Foundation.

In developing the campaign strategy, DDB Canada conducted extensive research and interviewed past and present sufferers of eating disorders, as well as physicians and eating disorder experts.

The PSAs will be appearing on television, radio, print, out-of-home, and online. Guerrilla marketing tactics will also take edgy ambient elements onto the streets of Vancouver.

The new campaign from The Looking Glass Foundation was the recipient of the 2008 Humanitarian Award from the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters and received $1-million of gifted media placement. OMD Vancouver is also donating its services and helping to secure additional media placement for The Looking Glass Foundation.

About The Looking Glass Foundation
Founded in 2002, The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders ( is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a world-class residential treatment centre for professional treatment of adolescents with eating disorders. In a safe secure environment the Foundation helps youth work together with their families to prepare themselves for success on the next pathway of their lives.

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