L'Oréal Paris - Helen Mirren / Now more than ever - (2015) :30 (UK)

Casting Helen Mirren in an anti-aging cream ad is a little bit of genius. Helen ages, but she's also looked fantastic throughout her career - with her charisma, fit physique and ability to convey a thousand emotions with just once glance. And that's really all we can hope for in a cream, something that helps us look fantastic, whatever age we may be.
In the ad, a young lass offers dear Dame Helen Mirren a seat, she is 69 after all, and Helen gives us that glance. "Ever feel like you go unnoticed? ...And when you aren't... Well. Enough" Helen switches into red bra and black leather to take to the town, while declaring "our perfect age, is now" for Age Perfect. She also gives her best cougar glance to a young man working out. "Are we worth it? Now more than ever." Oh Helen, leave the poor boy alone!

Ad agency: McCann London
Copywriter: Kate Pozzi
Art directer: Andy Tannock
Directed by Olivier Venturini through Great Guns.

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