Lufthansa - "Everyone's Fanhansa" (2016) :50 (UK)

An England football fan and his mate find out that they're been rebooked onto a Lufthansa flight, and he envisions the nightmare that could be. "We're flying with the Germans!?" It's sausage and sour kraut for Frühstück, coco clocks, someone playing the tuba, and in-flight entertainment showing the penalty shoot-out from the European cup 1996 when Germany beat England in the semi-final. Also, there's an annoying kid in a German team T-shirt who shows four fingers, because that's how many times Germany won the world cup. No wonder a poor England fan breaks out in hives. I'd pay extra to be on that flight though, it looks like a riot.

Client: Lufthansa

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Trivia: when German's finger count they use their thumbs. So two is thumb and index-finger. Not sure how you'd show four, so maybe that is a German kid after all.

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Left thumb points to the left, index finger straight, middle finger straight, ring finger straight, pinky curls towards palm. Which movie did the British spy get caught by not counting with thumb. WWII flick.