Lyft - Riding is the New Driving - (2016) :60 (USA)

Lyft wants to grab national US attention and have created this 60-second spot to do it. A woman is stuck in a traffic jam of comic proportions, there's every stereotypical bad driver you share the road with that you can imagine and then some around her. A pick-up artist in a fast car, being towed. A party of drunk people. That woman who drives while putting on makeup. An entire circus, complete with clowns. To escape, R.E..M music video style, she walks on the rooftops of cars, most notably a taxi, while ordering her lyft.

“We are bringing this commercial to life as part of helping people better understand our vision and our mission, which is really fundamentally every seat, every car, every driver,” says Kira Wampler, the chief marketing officer of Lyft. Ride share and you'll avoid the parking tickets, the crazy, and the 'old fashioned' idea of riding to work alone - or that's what Lyft hopes you'll take away from the commercial. The ad will air on channels such as Comedy Central, MTV and ABC Family.

Client: Lyft

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Why is there no pay off in the copy? I was expecting at least a clever line. I don't really get the concept - are we being told that driving is a circus, a chaotic mess? And Lyft is better? Why? Very mixed messages.

Also a young female driver? Really? That might be a fantasy too far.