Lynx - Little Brother / Shower like a man - (2012) :90 (China)

In China the term "Little Brother" is a commonly used euphemism for penis. This ad for Lynx has some fun with that term.

Agency: BBH China
Creative Director: Steve Elrick/ Johnny Tan
Art Direction: Kat Bojcuk/ Steve Sorec
Copy Writing: Steve Sorec/ Jay Qian
Production: Bernice Wong/ Ivy Shi
Planning: Simonas Piepalius
Account Management: Ara Hampartsoumian / Alicia Kennedy/ Rei Zhang / Elvis Li
Production Company: Shooting Gallery Shanghai
Producer: Pearl Tan
Director: Dogboy Antony Alekna/Matthew McCaughey
DOP: Chris Reed
Editor: Attic Shanghai, Keat Ng
Music & Sound Design: Fuse, Malaysia
Post Production: Volt Shanghai

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