Lynx - Phone booth - (1985) :30 (UK)

The lady is in the harbour and needs to get a ride home, I suppose. She goes to the phone booths, where he also is, but drops her address book. When she reaches for it, with those knitted gloved hands that we all wore in the 80s - he's already picked it up for her. Standing up, she can smell him, and that's a good thing because "first impressions last"

Yes, Lynx got you laid in the 80s too, it was just classier and with gloves.


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Hey... Pink Floyd? In a Lynx-ad. Yesterday was better...

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Hahaha, yep the good old days, right? ;)

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Also, this is proof that Lynx always ran on the whole "you'll get babes" proposition. Just waaaaay tamer back then.