The Making of - Orange "belonging".

If there was ever a need for a "making of the commercial" behind the scenes footage, it is for that Orange - Belonging advert. Some people are rubbing their eyes thinking it's all digital trickery. It is not.

See three films inside from the shoot.

They shot the commercial in a park on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in January 2007. In this clip, you can see that holes were dug to make people vanish into.. well.. holes!

Sometimes it was just a matter of running away. Run away, run away!

You can always use the cameras blind spot against it.

Weeks upon weeks of rehearsals so that men, women and kids would get it right, and then they added a dog to that mess because timed choreography and hole-jumping just wasn't hard enough. I think these creatives prefer their own blood to markers, it makes them woozy after a few hours but the dramatic roughs are all "worth it" they say as they crawl to the bloodbank known as D&AD with their portfolio. For this commercial CGI would probably have been a lot cheaper in the end but then we wouldn't have been so impressed, now would we? :)

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Awesome. I love posts like this. Thanks Dabitch.

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Wow that's super neat - great that they shared these vids.

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Magicians have been doing that kind of stuff for years.... ;) Nicely done.

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This is infinitely better than using digital shortcuts, in the way that actual pencil sketches done well are so much more pleasing to the eye than slapping the pencil-filter on a photo in photoshop. Kudos to Fallon for doing it the hard way.