Making of "the Quest" music video for Orelsan (2022)

The music video features the singer seemingly creating his life out of clay and playing into the first line of his song, “Nothing takes me back more than the smell of playdough.”

The end result was this music video.

As he tells his story, OrelSan gives his fans an entirely new take on his music videos, in a claymation realm he hasn’t covered before.


With a quick turnaround time for this project, a team of 10 created all the puppets and shot the animation that went across four different sets.

Using images of the people in OrelSan’s life, as well as old pictures sourced by the team, the animated figures not only represented the singer’s life, but were modeled on the real-life people in it. Most significantly, the video was created to feel as though the singer himself both shot and created it in its entirety, which certainly translated.

Director Victor Haegelin shared:

“I’m so happy that it looks like OrelSan did the film alone! I’m so happy it works. Knowing that Orelsan is an animation enthusiast, I thought it would be fun to put him in the shoes of an animator telling his own story with clay characters. I think it was a great challenge on many levels, and it was cool to mix stop motion and live-action in one music video. I also think this was a bit of a pleasant surprise for OrelSan’s fanbase. It was unexpected but at the same time, the concept works so well with the lyrics. I was really pleased by this collaboration, Orelsan happily played along and I must say that he might have a real talent for animation! I would not be surprised if he was approached by big stop motion studios in the future...”

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