Making toilet paper ads sexy

Radar Magazine takes a look at luxury toilet paper branding. There is some rather bizarre advertising for a "luxury" brand called Renova from Spain, which takes a more fashionista and sexual approach than the majority of other toilet paper brands.

Check out some of the Renova ads.

From the 2003/2004 campaign:
Renova 1 & 2

From the 2002/2003 campaign:

the rest


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Wow.. That is really strange.....

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i love the 2003 campaign or it taking the place of flowers water vines and feaths/a bed. very cool photos.

not too sure about the 2004 looks a bit too sex and toilets to me, were as the 2003 is very much suggestive...

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Renova is a Portuguese brand :D. Most of their ads are in-house production; they used to work with Grey Home in Portugal, but since its CD moved to W+K (Amsterdam and now Portland) they said (on recent article about the Renova) they were planning to do a campaign with W+K this fall Autumm. By the way have u ever seen their black toilet paper? :D

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Ah. Makes more sense that it's from Portugal. I must have gotten the information wrong. Mea cupla. :)

I had never heard of the black toilet paper until I went to the web site.

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:) sorry but a brand provenance is very important ehehe especially being it from Portugal (me so proud). Anyway the guys that wrote the article got the info. wrong. I would like to work with them; have a bunch of "intel" on the company; the geezer (Renova's president) is a visionary ... pretty cool for an engineer.

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Aye, it's great that fellow adgrunts can help sort out a story and correct errors like in this case, merci Hidden

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