Maltesers - Theo's Dog / Hearing aid (2016) :30 (UK)

The new Maltesers campaigns were made as a response to Channel 4's “Superhumans Wanted.” The Channel 4 initiative gave away £1m of its commercial air time to help improve representation of disability in TV advertising will air during the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony on Channel 4 on Wednesday 7th September from 9pm. Mars and AMV BBDO created these ads for Maltesers, which fit right in their current campaign quite naturally and carry on the usual "gossip break" without missing a beat, the only difference being that the stories are told by disabled people. They still look "On the light side of life", even if the entire story here is told in sign language. The first ever "deaf" commercial that was aired during the super bowl was Pepsi - Bobs House in 2008, but this is still one of the first sign language only ads.

Cat Collins, strategy partner at AMV BBDO, explained in a statement: “Rather than creating distance by putting disabled people on a pedestal, we believed we could achieve more by showing disabled people simply as … people. For Maltesers, that meant seeking out the hilarious stories from their lives that they look on the light side of, just as the characters in the rest of our campaign do. It meant using a powerful weapon to break down discomfort, division and prejudice — a good laugh.”

This story, which I am sure has happened to someone, tells about a naughty dog who eats a hearing aid. And what the owner said in response.

Client: Mars
ad agency: AMV BBDO

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