Morning adgrunts, and a happy Friday to you all.
BETC EURO RSCG have been so kind to send us a copy of their epic commercial (it is epic in a way, I promise) "March of the emperor" which I order you to must-see to start the weekend off right.
All super adgrunts, please follow me

Produced by @radicalmedia, Creative Director on this at BETC EURO RSCG was Stéphane Xiberras
Copywriters were Pierre Riess, Luc Rouzier
Art directors were Romain Guillon, Eric Astorgue

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...Sheesh, a few peeps posted it to youtube and suddenly everything old is new again. ;) See chatter on metafiter, c00lstuff, and very funny ads.com. Not that I'm saying "waaaay ahead of you guys!", but uh.. No wait that's exactly what I'm saying. Nyah!

You can also view it at BETC EURO RSCG's own site, if you wanna give some linklove to the guys who actually made the stuff. ;)

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It might be from 2005 but it is still fantastic. Right up there with the Big Ad.