Marmite - is my baby a (Marmite) lover or a hater?

Is your baby a hater or a lover? Everyone who has ever had Marmite is firmly in one camp or the other, and now we're bringing this divisive spread to babies in the womb. "Baby scan" by Adam & Eve/DDB is a fun idea based on real research.

"We’ve partnered with Window to the Womb - one of the country's leading pre-natal scanning clinics- to launch a nationwide experiment, using 4D sonography to find out whether you’re expecting a lover or hater. The experiment is inspired by a scientific study revealing that babies could respond to different flavours while still in the womb. Putting this theory to the test, we’ve set out to prove that it’s not a choice - you’re either born to love or born to hate this divisive savoury spread. "

Go to if you want to try this.

Shannon Lennon-Smith, Marketing Manager at Marmite, said:

“We’re obsessed with understanding the reasons why people love or hate our famous spread. While this study could reveal whether you’re born a lover or a hater, other studies support that taste buds change with age. So, while you might be born a hater, there’s still hope you could become a lover!”

Ant Nelson, Executive Creative Director at adam&eveDDB, said:

“Whether it’s gender, eye colour or personality, all expectant parents wonder what traits their children will have before they’re born. ‘Baby Scan’ taps into this truth and answers the most pressing question of all…is my child a Marmite lover or a hater?”

Max Sullivan, account director at Adam & Eve/DDB, added: blockquote class="blockqoute">
"When we were talking to Window to the Womb, we found that anecdotally people have thought about a baby's tastes but there hasn't been the science there. It's only in the last few months that we are able to say that the science can show that in a scan.”

The TV spot directed by James Rouse, will premiere tonight at 8:15pm on ITV2 during Bobs Burgers. It's accompanied by activity across OOH, press and social, encouraging the public to sign up to the study and have a scan with one of the UK’s leading ultrasound clinics Window's to the womb. Forget gender reveal parties, that's so passé, let's have Marmite reveal parties. My kids would obviously be on the "love it" team because my genetics are that strong. ;)

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