Marriott Rewards "It's all about the moments" (2016) :30 (USA)

Corioli S, is a marine archeologist. She travels a lot. And the moments are the most rewarding to her. And with Marriott Rewards you can reward yourself-- by staying at a hotel other than a Marriott. At least that's the takeaway I get for this ad which touts the Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts, anyway.

Advertiser: Marriott International
Spot Title: You Are Here - Grand Cayman
First Air Date: 9/15/16
Agency: Grey, NY
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director: Leo Savage, Jeff Stamp
Senior Creative Director: Asan Aslam, Noah Will
ACD/Art Director: Brian Mekjian
ACD/Copywriter: Ryan McCarthy
Art Director: Garam Park
Designer: Robert Jencks
Project Manager: Rachel Moser

Managing Director: Chris Ross
SVP, Account Director: Nadine Falco
VP, Account Director: Ilisia Shuke
Senior Account Executive: Suzie Wyman
Executive Strategy Director: Tony Lederer
Strategy Director: Rogério Colantuono

Townhouse President: Bennett McCarroll
Townhouse Head of Integrated Production – James McPherson
Townhouse Exec. Producer: Kim Kietz
Townhouse Producer: Alexander Kramer
Townhouse Music Producer: Benjamin Dorenfeld, David Lapinsky
Production Company (location): B-Reel (Los Angeles)
Director: Tom Malmros
Director of Photography: Christian Haag
Editor (person & company): Brand New School
Music/Sound Design (person & company): Heard City
Principal Talent

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