Mastercard "Priceless" bus takes you around Stockholm (for free!)

Around the world, MasterCard have had special Priceless offers for members, where you may experience new things at museums, restaurants or hotels.

Now in Stockholm there's the, not only do you ride for free but there's all sorts of shenanigans going on too. Special guests such as live bands, magicians and opera singers entertain on the bus, while riders can be anyone from regular students to party leader politicians. The "ding" that indicates the bus will stop at the next stop has been replaced by random noises, different ones each time. Instead of a canned speaker voice announcing the next stop, a barbershop choir sings it. The seats are velvet awesome, instead of the horrid blue terror we're used to. You can catch this bus at any Blue Bus #2 stop in Stockholm up until May 4th. If you instagram your photo from the bus with the tag #pricelessbus you'll show up on the web page too.

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