Mattel Scrabble - Letters and People / Lonely Q (2012) :30 (USA)

It's not easy being the only one, mulls Q, who is a ten pointer according to his mom, but rejected by U.

CREDITS: Mattel “Scrabble”

production company: biscuit filmworks
director: jeff low
executive producer/managing director: shawn lacy
executive producer: colleen o’donnell
supervising producer: scott craig
producer: mary beth jenner
production designer: michelle derrick
director of photography: igor jadue-lillo

agency: pereira o’dell sf
chief creative officer: pj pereira
svp, executive creative director: jamie robinson
creative director: paulo coelho
creative director: aricio fortes
creative director (apples): rob lambrechts
copywriter: charlie wolff
copywriter: neil ramanan
director of client services: gary theut
management supervisor: henry arlander
account executive: erin garvey
director of production, executive producer: jeff fero
business affairs, broadcast: angela eddleman
senior producer: monica wilkins

post company: umlaut sf
executive producer: gina locurcio
line producer: kelly gibbs
editor: inome callahan
graphic artist: ivan miller

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