MaxMara - The Cube - (2008) 1:13 (USA)

New York-based motion graphics, design and directing collective, Lifelong Friendship Society (LFS) explore the mysteries of the Cube in a daring new spot for high-end Italian fashion house MaxMara in collaboration with Creative Director Giovanni Bianco and Studio 65. The latest global campaign for MaxMara taps LFS as one of three cutting edge artists to interpret the urban sophistication of its new, 'Welcome The Cube' modular design jacket concept, which comes packaged in a sleek cube shaped totes.

The three artists were hand-picked by Giovanni Bianco and assigned different mediums in which to interpret the concept of the Cube: photography, animation and live action. LFS was commissioned to create a live action/film piece and was given artistic freedom in the development and execution of the 1:15 spot. In the piece, LFS takes us on the ethereal journey of the modern woman moving through the seasons, mixing the lushly futuristic fabrics of the MaxMara garments with organic elements of the changing world around her.

"Our idea for 'Welcome The Cube' was to create a piece where sensory and emotional shifts are seen through the planes of a cube," says LFS Co-Founder/Director Brian Close. Close directed the spot in addition to serving as editor and composer. Live action footage was woven together with stop motion animation, time lapse photography, and inventively crafted effects to produce an unforgettable, daringly textured dreamlike narrative.

The concept to execution process happened quickly, as LFS worked in tandem with Giovanni Bianco Studio 65 to help the launch of the 'Welcome The Cube' ( website on schedule. The LFS piece is prominently featured on the site and will be on display in several MaxMara stores across the United States and Europe.

"Working with Giovanni and producer Betti Iannucci was an incredibly creative experience," says LFS Partner/EP Dan Sormani. "They gave us an inspiring product to work with and free reign to interpret the Cube concept however it moved us."

Agency: Studio 65
Creative Director: Giovanni Bianco

Prod Co: Lifelong Friendship Society
Creative Director/Director: Brian Close
Executive Producer: Dan Sormani

Editorial, Compositing, Music, Sound Design: Lifelong Friendship Society

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