McDonald's - My First Ride (1991) - 0:30 (USA)


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AnonymousCoward's picture

I was named out of this commercial!

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*after...not out

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I also was named after this commercial. <3 Once I found it last year, I was so excited to have finally seen it after 20 years! I was going to be named Samantha Megan, then while my mom was in the hospital, ready to deliver me, she saw this commercial and My name was officially changed to Kelsey Megan! (: Thank you for sharing! The other video I found of this commercial was removed. I was so sad. So, I searched and searched and finally came across yours! SO glad I did! Thanks again for sharing this! :D

Kelseylyn 's picture

I was named after this commercial as well haha

Ella's picture

Really? There was a trend in naming kids after this ad?

Kelsey's picture

I was named after this commercial too! They wouldn't let my parents leave the hospital until I had a name and my mom saw this commercial and knew I was her kelsey!

Kelseyyyy's picture

I was named after this too!

Dabitch's picture

Wow, interesting. This commercial must have really hit the soft spot with expectant and delivering mothers to spawn so many Kelsey's. It's a fine name, and I guess they liked the spunk of the little girl in the ad.

Kelsey G Heart's picture

I'm a Kelsey named after this ad too!