McDonald's replaces golden arches with ?

Yes, I'm serious, McDonald's is dropping the Golden Arches icon from UK advertising in a new campaign to convince consumers of its healthy eating. It's McD advertising, Jim, but not as we know it.
Instead of the golden arches, they'll use a golden question mark and the tagline "McDonald's. But not as you know it".

Last month, McDonald's profits in the UK were at their lowest since they launched thirty years ago. Profits went down from £83.8m to £23.6m as McDs and other fatfarms, sorry fast food establishments suffered from the negative publicity related to the obesity debate. Leo Burnett London who created the campaign have a vision - they aim to reposition McDonald's as a cross between Pret A Manger (sandwich shop) and Starbucks. Poster executions in this question mark campaign will include pictures of salad, egg shells with the words "free range", fruit pieces and a bagel smothered in cream cheese, all to make the consumers rethink McDs as 'only' a place for fatty hamburgers. Good luck guys.

The menu offerings have changed, now they even offer sugar boiled baby carrots for kids happy meals rather than the usual lard fried fries. Which makes about a nano-gram of difference.

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I have to say I'm impressed that they went without the golden's not something you'd expect a brand like McDonalds to let happen. But since when is a bagel smothered in cream cheese a healthy option?