Mellow Mushroom "Cravings" (2016) :30 (USA)

Mellow Mushroom goes the SNL parody route for the first ever on national TV campaign created by BooneOakley. Side effects include "mouth watering."
Side effects also include "seen this execution before." Such side effects can be offset by the "ask your doctor, she may want to come with you," joke at the end.
Now I want Mellow Mushroom, dammit. Some of the best pizza I've had whilst living in Atlanta was at that joint.

Client: Mellow Mushroom, Atlanta
Client: BooneOakley, Charlotte
CD: David Oakley
AD: Eric Roch von Rochsburg
CW: Mary Gross
Agency Prod.: Laura George

Prod. co.: Boulevard Films, Charlotte
Director: Glen Owen
DP: Jordan McMonagle
Exec Producer: Billy Patete
Producer: Angela Street

Post/Color Correct: Wondersmith, Charlotte
Editor: Chris Walldorf
Producer: Joe Murray
Telecine Artist: Clark Bierbaum
Sound: Groundcrew Studios, Charlotte
Engineers: Ross Wissbaum , John Causby

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