Mercedes-Benz - Soul - Super Bowl XLVII (USA)

Willem Dafoe makes a short appearance in this super bowl ad, and steals the entire show. Of course he does, when he is the devil himself.

Sure, Kate Upton is in the ad too, but she's actually dressed and her manicure isn't even half as good as Willem Dafoe's.

Agency: Merkley + Partners
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Director: Dante Ariola

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Agulla y Baccetti's "Pacto" for Renault Clio in 1999. 'Nuf said.

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Whoa! Satan is a Freemason?
Dante Ariola must know that a lot of Mercedes Benz owners
feature the square and compass on their automobiles.
Who is really behind this idea?
If you wish a change, Speak Up and ACT!