Mercedes Benz wants to stop traffic - long copy billboard.

Not sure what to make of this exactly, does Mercedes Benz want to kill their customers by whiplash, or are traffic jams so common where this billboard exists that there is simply nothing else to do but ponder their copy? Either way Colenso BBDO, Auckland decided to get all philosophical on a billboard in New Zealand when launching their new Mercedes-Benz campaign. Fascinating. ;)

Phila Lagaluga, Designer
Nick Worthington, Executive Creative Director
Steve Cochran, Creative Director
Bradley Averill, Art Director
Simone Louis, Art Director
Simone Louis, Copywriter
Bradley Averill, Copywriter
Paul Courtney, Agency Producer
Gabrielle Buckle, Agency Producer
Account Director: Scott Coldham
Account Manager: Janelle Van Wonderen

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I once heard adrew keller give a speech about mini. they had a similar long copy OOH and his take was if people wanted to they would stop the car and read it.

all well and good on a city street but on the highway? methinks not.

but they hedged their bets and separated out the logo, so even if you don't read it (which i'm assuming few people actually will) they've done their job.

but does that mean it's making me want to drop a ton of cash on a mercedes?


malkie66's picture

What was the name of the agency? W.A.N.K.

creativeBrian's picture

That's what I call a collision-causer.

I think the plan is to have people wreck their cars while reading the billboard. They will need to buy new cars and the first company that pops in their head will be Mercedes.