MGT "Secure your doors" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

John McAfee has now become CEO of MGT, a publicly traded company that started as a penny stock and is now above 3 dollars. Back in May, MGT, owner of some online and mobile video games, also acquired some assets from a cybersecurity firm called D-Vasive, which McAfee also backs. MGT will essentially become the cybersecurity answer the world needs. And if today's news about Hillary Clinton's hacking problems are enough to attest, we do need better cybersecurity. McAfee's been steadily promoting MGT on his Twitter account, for a minute now. But today marks the the first ad launch. Much like McAfee's "Exit Politics" ad in which he launched a bid to run for President on the Libertarian ticket, this ad continues in the same vein.
In this case, your right to privacy, which can only be achieved through proper data management, i.e. cybersecurity, i.e. by securing your doors. Much like the McAfee for president spot, this has a very Crystal Method/Matrix/Cyberpunk feel to it. While the ripped-from-the-headlines news about hackers stealing our identity, privacy, finances, are very real problems, MGT is planting a stake in the ground as being a real solution. Even if it isn't exactly spelled out what the solution is in the ad. But that's just as well. McAfee may be an eccentric genius with a capital E but I've heard a lot of his interviews and read his articles, too. And I would dare say one of his greatest strengths is the art of cogent plain speak as much as anything else. Lightning struck once for the guy. No reason it won't strike a second time.

Client: MGT
Production: Judd Weiss

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