Miami knocks on your door

Miami ad agency has created a guerrilla campaign for "Hyresgästföreningen" (the group for people who rent homes) in Sweden. The goal of the campaign is to make people understand the value of the rented homes, and that the suggested "market value rents" that some want to implement could make their homes a lot more expensive. This being an election year and that being a classic hot button issue, the campaign is well timed.

In Sweden now rents are set by the "useful value" of a home, factors like house age, communications nearby, standard and living size are factors in deciding what the rent shall be. Similar apartments in different neighbourhoods will then end up having much similar rents.

If one switches over to "market value" rents, the geographical location - ie: city centre or other popular areas, will be a major factor in how high the rent should be set. With this campaign the hyresgästföreningen wants to remind people that this could increase peoples rents with 30-50%.
The concept of market value versus useful value is abstract for most people, so Miami chose to simplify it down to the basic message. The campaign will reach 65.000 members of the Hyresgästföreningen and by being on peoples doors, will help members of hyresgästföreningen alert their neighbours who might not be members, so that they too understand the value of joining up.

The price-tags on peoples doors remind them in an easy to understand fashion that market value rents will increase their rent.

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