Microsoft: Now I Know

Saw this on a Russian site and thought it is pretty funny. Picture below is a poster ad in the Moscow metro, advertising Microsoft and it's new "Now I Know" campaign they are running there.

The printed text on the banner says: "Before I wasn't thinking about this. Now I know." Somebody added another line with a ballpen, and it makes the whole ad look quite different. Oh the Microsoft, WinXP network activation, and the joys of being a legal user. ;)

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And you think Russians were allowed to watch Bond films? Yeah right. From the Supreme Soviet with love... ;o)

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I can only make out "enjoy it!" .....

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I think it's the code to crack into the program to install it.

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shoot, that's hilarious.

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Now I know. Thanks!

I hope he made a whole 'campaign' out of it and scribbled on more than one poster....

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You'd think the agency would have seen enough James Bond films to realize how soon a Russian equipped with only a felt pen could put the globe on a crash-course for doom!