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Microsoft Zune - Dogfight (2006) :60 (USA)

It appears that they've finally figured out the best possible way to advertise the Zune - by having the commercial have absolutely diddly-zippo-zilchorama-squat to do with it except for the logo-slap at the end. (Oh, I suppose the song counts as well.) Brilliant animation of a great minute-long epic that considerably outshines the product it was created to sell, which makes it a spiffy experiment of Cool Factor Osmosis - hoping that something with a high concentration of cool will transfer some of its coolness over to something with a low concentration of cool. 

Agency: 72andSunny
Music: Viva Voce - Special Thing
Animation: Full Tank

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HEy good job being a total douchebag iFanboy. This isn't an ad made by Zune it is made by users(artists) on the Zune Arts website which allows you to upload stunning works of art onto your Zune.

I'm guessing you haven't been to it so here you go...


Have a nice day dick wad

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Sounds like somebody got stuck with a Zune* for Christmas!

*special Sears edition

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Wow. Try decaf?

This was made by the agency that created the zune-arts site - 72andSunny, along with some of the other videos on there.
This is the first of the Microsoft art series to air as a TV spot, breaking on Adult Swim July 1.

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I can't figure out if EmceeCommon is serious, or just a shill working for the buzz-company trying to astro-turf the other (intarweb) part of the campaign which is zune-arts.net. I'm leaning toward the latter theory because I haven't drunk my Kool-aid today. Check the TOS clearly spelling out what Microsoft Corporation can do and won't do with the stuff on the site, and what you can do and shant do with the same, and you know that the domain is owned by the Microsoft Corporation too, right? It's part of the plan, mate. Not some independent grassroot artists site that came out of nowhere if that's what you thought. Though I'm not sure what you (EmceeCommon) thought.

Though that was nice, in the zune-art source I found this interview with Full Tank:


Fulltank was conceived by Executive Producer Ben Morris and Creative Director Chris Do with the core idea of building a creative entity that would capture emotions through engaging visuals and narratives. Fulltank uses their diverse background to produce unique imageries and ideas that deliver creative messages, specializing in live action, motion graphics, design, illustration, cell animation, CGI, typography, and other mixed medias. Over the past three years, Fulltank’s work has earned the respect of both the design community and clients alike. Ben and Chris attribute
their success to their common vision of creating a progressive studio where design and conceptual thinking are always front and center with each and every project they take on. www.fulltank.tv


Q1. What was your inspiration for this piece?

A. First and foremost, we were inspired to come up with an idea that was fresh narratively as well as visually. We also wanted to invoke some simple humor, as well as a bit of old fashioned “wow”. The base idea began with 2 characters in a warplane dogfight. We had the difficult task of figuring out how to make that scenario intriguing and progressive at the same time. Being big fans of traditional cell animation and manga culture we wanted to fuse some of the looks and techniques of those disciplines into a hybrid 3D/illustrated world. Some of the direct visual inspirations came from some of Peter Chung’s awkward, yet sexy, characters ala Aeon Flux. Also Jean Giraud’s gritty comic feel and all the new age of Pop-surrealism from graffiti and street artists such as Banksy, Jeff Soto, and, our good friend, Ronald Kurniawan, who flexed whole-heartedly on the characters with us. Not to mention all the cool dogfight material we watched from classic anime such as Robotech to films like Top Gun and Chain Lightning.

Q2. What musicians and/or artists have had the greatest influence on your work?
A. Like all creatives in our industry, we are naturally tactile to our surroundings and that
includes being in close touch to the music world as well. So there’s almost never a time that you don’t hear someone’s speakers blaring tunes in the studio. As far as what inspires us musically it can be any vocalist or band at any given time. Whether that is The Beatles, Mos Def, The Shins, or Joao Gilberto, there is always something lyrical or rhythmic that we can zen to to create our masterpieces. Our artistic influences, visually, conceptually, and politically run a large gamut, but some of our biggest influences lately have been classic woodprints by Hiroshige, the works of animation master Hayao Miyazaki, old Russian Stenberg Prints, and the emerging chaos that Banksy has brought to urban culture. Not to mention directors such as Federico Fellini, Roman Polanski, Terry Gilliam, and makeshift genius Michel Gondry.

Q3. In a dream collaboration, who would your partners be?
A. How about all the people above? Honestly, there are just too many amazing people to list – artists, directors, musicians. But if we had to choose then I would say Michel Gondry. Not only because we idolize the guy but also because he is media agnostic as well as savvy with interpreting his ideas with newer media. Couple all that with his shy, yet daring, and sometimes ingenuously childish ideas, and you get something brand new every single time. We always seem to smile when we see something he’s done.

Q4. If you had to tattoo song lyrics across your back, which lyrics would you choose?
A. Cmon, is there any question? “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen.

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Everyone, give EmceeCommon a break. His Microsoft Xbox 360 probably just broke and he's pissed!

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The Ballad of EmceeCommon

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EmceeCommon was his name
And with his six-shooter close at hand
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And to his challenge four stepped into the street
There came Claymore, Caffeinegoddess, Dabitch, and Robblink
And suddenly faster than you could think
EmceeCommon reached for his gun and the four did the same
Four bullets struck their marks cutting EmceeCommon down

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"dickwad" is one word, is it not? That's why I think he's a shill. Spellchecker in Word® messed with his rant. ;P

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To bring Claymore's comments back round to the art vs. advertising realm...I'm not sure I see much more of a connection to the product than I did in this spot from last year - Microsoft Zune - Eyes (2006) 0:45 (USA).

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No, Zune has always run the mystery train route it seems...That eye-penis thing simply freaked me out. :))
I must admit that I think this ad with the dog-fight in flight throwing love-bombs is a much better animation, it's really really nice and Full Tank + 72andsunny should walk a little taller for adding some great creative eye candy to our otherwise covered with dreck TV channels. Even if it is eye-penises. Thanks guys!

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Great animation, really lovely. Full marks to all involved on that front. But I had to Google the word "Zune" to see what it was. (I vaguely remembered the word from some hoo-ha in the press a long time ago, but it didn't stick in the mind.)

Assuming Microsoft's main job at this stage is to build up some awareness of their Zune as an alternative to iPod, this isn't going to do it. If anything, it looks like an ad for an unusual videogame. Or maybe an animated movie.

(And that penis eye thing was just sick.)

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I remember this ad, I was just a kid but I loved it and wanted a Zune so bad.