Midttrafik "Epic Bus Commercial-- The Sequel" (2015) 2:05 (Denmark)

Well, that's one way to get you to ride the bus. Introducing the most epic bus commercial sequel ever. Featuring an ordinary looking Dane who is adored by throngs of fans throughout the city including his "exotic" girlfriend, and inspires a rich old man to blow up his car-- which a champagne molotov no less-- so he, too, can take the bus. Nothing says a great bus ride like dramatic music, tongue and cheek humor, explosions and class envy.

Client: Midttrafik
Agency: M2Film
Creative Team: Falkenberg&Falkenberg, Jan P., Ronni Madsen
Production Company: M2Film
Director: Peter Harton
Producers: Jan P. & Ronni Madsen

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