Mike Hilburger wins the Gold Mobius award

The 2006 Mobius awards aren't online yet, but we do know who the gold winner is, it's Mike Hilburger, with "seatbelts" and you can view it here.

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Huh? That's "gold" direction? This is a very average psa. Oh, wait - it's a Mobius winner.

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I think that the direction is good, but the script has no surprise element. The ad follows the standard approach to the internationally vexing issue of road safety (Speed, Seat belts and Drink/Drive).
Look at any of AMV London's or Clemenger BBDO's work and you'll see that it's all evolved along the line of 'Consequences'. The consequences include:
1. You might die - the trouble is that a lot of young people don't think they will, or if they did die, then they'd have nothing left to worry about (The Jimmy Dean syndrome).
2. You might kill someone else (a stranger) - sad, but in this age of violence on TV and 'shoot-em-up' computer games, this is an abstract 'fear' (unless they actually do it)
3. You might not die, but be severely injured and need other people to wipe your arse for you, for the rest of your life - the key fears in this are, loss of dignity and ability to live a normal life.
4. You might kill / maim one (or some) of your mates - strong this, but main consequence is not just sorrow and shame, but fear of being shunned by the rest of your peers - being rejected- being looked at as a 'dick-head'.
OK, so where was I?
Oh yeah, IMHO, quite nice direction - very 'standard' script, but you can't judge a 'director's gong' on the quality of the script he's had to work with.