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Mitsubishi Motors sells cars with that 'new car smell' in Sweden.

Mitsubishi Motors has teamed up with Miami advertising hot shop to sell their cars with a decidedly different tactic.

"The climate of car advertising is as you know, quite harsh competition is tough, and sometimes it can be very hard to make ones message heard with only conventional methods. This is why we chose to add an extra edge to our campaign with alternative guerrilla style advertising." said Annika Lennstam from Mitsubishi. (read more to see it)

To help the Mitsubishi resellers in northern Sweden this campaign kicked off at the STCC-final at Mantorp Park - more activities are planned during different events this fall. At Mantrop park Mitsubishi & Miami hung posters with wunderbaums inside the portapottys, which proclaimed "free new car guarantee for three months*" as a headline, while the asterisked small print declared that this was the life-span of the wunderbaums and after that you might want to consider buying a new Mitsubishi instead.

"Many visitors thought that this was the most pleasant portapotty visit they had ever experienced. People were clearly not used to the 'new car smell' in the latrine." says Fredrik Olsson creative director at Miami advertising with a wink. I bet they weren't!

Alongside this event there will also be a print campaign that spoofs a classic Swedish ad campaign from 1953 where the headline read: "When did you give your wife flowers last?". This one asks the ladies "When did you give your husband a baseballcap last?" and invites the missus to bring their husbands out for a test drive of the new Mitsubishis on certain dates, and they'll get a free hat.

Ad agency: Miami, Gothenburg

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Referencing the new car smell seems like an overused idea in advertising and otherwise, but I like this approach.

And an audience doesn't get any more captive than the one sitting in a port-a-john.

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Miami rules as always. The "Spinach" is taking over.

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"New car smell" add tactic seems great! I must say this is a very innovative approach by Mitsubishi. Well done!

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It's cute when spammers make an effort. I still ban your IP and remove your sneaky linkage (which is rel=nofollow anyway). Neener.