MNSTR gets all Leisure Suit Larry for Playboy fragrances

French Agency MNSTR helped design this 8-bit pastiche to seduction games like Leisure Suit Larry, except strangely it's PG rated. I tried playing this game and I wasn't so much bothered by the concept (there's an option to choose to be a female) so much as I was the incessant branding everywhere. Like way too much branding. And I mean, waaaaaaaaay too much branding. More importantly, Playboy was the granddaddy of sophistication and sex. This seems like a tame version of what Axe might have done a few years ago before it decided it wanted to save the world through kisses.

Client: Coty International
Design and storytelling: Agence MNSTR
Creative Director: Louis Bonichon
Art Director: Thomas Balland
Brand Manager: Richard Gala
Agency Management: Audrey Mazet, Olivia Renoud-Grapp

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