Molson Canadian - in Bar posters / Unwritten rules - print, Canada

Ad agency, Zig Toronto. I don't get it, so I guess I'm neither Canadian, nor a man. Oh wait, that's totally correct.

Ad agency: Zig Toronto.

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I get it... (Of course, I am a Man AND from Canada)

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Hehe, so they work then? :)

What's a loonie? You put a loonie on a pool table to claim the next game?

I do do some of those things, like say sorry when someone bumps into me - but as a girl, we shave below the neck only. ;P

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A loonie is a dollar coin (it has a picture of a loon on it).

Using it to claim a game of pool in the pub is just like here in the UK. If there's a game in progress, you claim the next one by putting your money on the table -- that is, on the side near the coin slot, not on the playing surface! This is the signal that you're willing to pay for the next game, to play against whoever wins the current game.

Doing it this way means you don't interrupt the players by asking them if you can go next. It also means the play keeps going -- the winner stays on, the loser sits down, and you step up. The better you play, the longer you get to stay on the table and have other people pay to play you.

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They are not too bad, though I have never seen one in public (Of course, I don't go to too many pubs/bars haha)

This is the Loonie (As mentioned, the one dollar coin):

This is the Toonie (Our two dollar coin):

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I know far too much about pub pool than I ought to, from being married to Colin. I play like a cow with a rifle.

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HA! That I'd like to see. Sounds like me and pub darts.

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I get it (not from Canada though) but I think the top one is missing a phrase: You wash your hands and then dry them.

I say that, because I see a lot of men at my work who don't wash their hands, or wash them but don't dry them (yep, you get a wet door handle, which is probably nastier than a dry one covered in cock germs).

I remember when Molson was sold here and the ads featured a Jim Dunk. They were great, the first time I recall seeing an ad that told you explicitly not to buy the product. I wish I could find them, they made me laugh. My favourite of them all was this shot of our man opening a bottle with the immortal line uttered: There's another piece of the ozone layer gone. VO: Jim Dunk says: don't drink Molson.

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These are great, and so are the commercials.

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Thanks, that reminded me to make quick shortcuts to the commercials. :) Here we go!

Molson - The Code part 1 - (2008) :30 (Canada)

Molson - The Code part 2 - (2008) :30 (Canada)

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I'm not from Canada (a couple of hundred miles south of it), but I get most of them. I knew what a loonie was, only because I read a book where the main character (a teenager) has just moved to Canada from the US, and someone asks him for a toonie.

Basically, the first ad reminds us that men usually do not want to appear to be queer/gay/homosexual [pick your favorite title] when in a men's room; and also, that the men's room is very smelly, and very dirty! Also, you don't want to appear to be looking at another guy's cock (although most guys quickly check it out), and you don't want to look at the floor, so you stare at the wall, reading ads posted there, and grafitti, and looking at cracks in the tile...

The second ad is to remind us that men are manly-men, who know how to go off into the woods, and not need frilly items, like lighter fluid, etc.

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Not sure about the "and you flush," line, unless this ad refers to the Canada that isn't Quebec. ALso it really bugs me but i think paper towel should have an "s" on the end. I feel like this was an art director demand.

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They don't flush? eeeeeeew.

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It's a dude thing. You wouldn't understand.