MoneySuperMarket - Dave's #EpicStrut (2015) :60 (UK)

Dave is so money with his butt-padded tight jean short and his size 12 stiletto heels. He'll strut downtown adding buttwiggles, twerking and slut drops to his repertoire as he impresses - or plain shocks - the ladies he passes by, including Mrs Osbourne who concludes that Dave is "so MoneySuperMarket". Oh I see, all this prancing was supposed to sell us insurance from MoneySuperMarket. You could have fooled me, to be honest, but it was entertaining to watch.

Client: MoneySuperMarket

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This ad is great because you cannot ignore how ridiculous it is to think of women as powerful because they are wearing minimal clothing, heels and walking in that catwalk way. Yet whenever Beyoncé struts her stuff she's "powerful" and a "strong female character". Right.

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Guess advertisers think that the world talking about this is great. After all how many ads get their own opinion poll - see Birmingham Mail . 50% love it and 50% hate it. Problem for advertisers of course is as soon as "dontcha" starts up, half the population change channel to get away from "Dave" and then miss all the follow on ads as well. Are your clients happy with that?