Montana Meth Project Phase 2 Just As Gritty

Last month, Dab posted about the Montana Meth Project and posted a very hard to watch spot of eyebrow tweezing by Venables Bell & Partners in San Fran. Yesterday, the group issued a press release stating that a statewide study "revealed that teens, young adults, and parents are increasingly becoming aware of the specific, negative consequences associated with Meth. The survey results also showed a significant increase in the frequency of dialogue between parents and teens regarding Meth in the last six months."

The second wave of ads launched yesterday, and include four TV commercials, eight radio spots, three billboard/newspaper ads, and three Internet spots. Read more to check out the creative.



Venables, Bell & Partners
AD: Ray Andrade
CW: James Robinson
Acct Manager: Liz Geddes
Print Production: Britt Gardner

From the The Billings Gazette:

The project has drawn attention as much for the reach of the advertising campaign as for the gritty nature of the ads. The first round featured short radio testimonials from young ex-users, all of them Montanans, and graphic, sometimes horrifying images that ran on television, in newspapers and on billboards.

Siebel said the radio ads were especially well received because they featured real kids talking about their experiences in ways other young people could relate to. For the new round of advertising, he said, the Montana Meth Project had hoped to use footage of meth addicts doing the drug and talking about their lives, but it was decided the segments couldn't be used.

"Reality is just too tough," Siebel said. Though kids could see themselves in the ex-users who appeared on the radio, he said, the people they filmed using meth were so high and so messed up that kids would have had trouble relating to them.

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Gives people a reality check on the consequences of this drug I like that alot.

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Man, that's pretty strong. But if it gets one of these kids to reconsider, then it's doing the job.

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Aaaaugh! My eyes!
Those are some terrifying teeth man. Jebus!

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Yay it's ...
Hope it will reach target.

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Don't posters 3 and 5 sort of contradict each other?