Moog Music "Trent Reznor: Archetype of a Synthesizer" (2015) 11:28 (USA)

As Pitchfork reported, Moog is discontinuing its Moog Voyager, launched back in 2002. This is an end of an era, because the Voyager was the last synthesizer that Bob Moog designed from start to finish. They will only make 600 more and then that will be it. As a tribute to the Voyager, Moog enlisted Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to talk about his life, his music, and his love of the Voyager. It's a very fitting tribute. I can't help but wonder if they'd still be discontinuing it if they had enlisted Reznor to talk about the Voyager in say, 2006.

Nice piece, and very engaging for fans of Moog, Nine Inch Nails, synths or all of the above. The soundtrack was done by Bobby Krlic, otherwise known as The Haxan Cloak

Client: Moog Music, Inc
Talent: Trent Reznor
Music: The Haxan Cloak

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Nerdgasm! This is great.