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More badland type sites. You thought we wouldn't notice?

There are a few sites out there that like Badland, collect things that are a little too similar to each other to be just plain old fluke. Some might be flukes though. Maybe. Researcher.se pointed to his gem: youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com where street art is copied by commercial art and, well, the artists fans notice y'all. They notice and they get mighty cranky about it.

Another design-badland is Urban Counterfeiters - where you can get your revenge by sending in photos of your designs that another company regurgitated. Revenge is a dish best served in blog-form, they say. ;)

note - Urban Counterfeiters originally posted back in August.

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I like this, just spotted Urban Counterwhatsits in Creativity's email alert:

The cycle of co-opting style and design is traditionally a top-down affair. Big name designers come out with their high-priced fashions and sooner or later there's a knock-off being sold on a street corner somewhere. But recently the tables have turned on a number of independent artists and designers who've had their work "inspire" collections at the hipster department store known as Urban Outfitters. These "coincidences" are documented regularly on the site UrbanCounterfeiters.com where readers can compare the similarities themselves. Hey, at least these independent folks can take solace in the fact they helped Urban Outfitters to a $34.5 million third quarter profit in their own special way.